About Auskick




What is NAB AFL Auskick?

The Rostrata Junior Football Club NAB AFL Auskick program has been developed to build the foundation skills for playing Australian Rules Football and to respond to the physical needs of children in school years Pre-Primary to Year 2.

Players will learn skills including self-motivation, self-responsibility, self-management, persistence, resilience and a best effort always attitude. They will also pick up important social skills, including cooperation and respect for others, all while improving their health & fitness, and having a good time.

benefits for kids

Auskick allows boys and girls to play sport in a relaxed environment where making friends, having fun with their parents, and improving their skills are given equal weight. It also provides excellent opportunity to play alongside other local kids, friends, and classmates.

All children regardless of their ability have as many opportunities to touch the ball and use it effectively as the next child, enabling them to improve their ball handling skills and confidence playing a team sport.

Auskick also provides a strong base for kids to move into sport on a  competitive level with the Club’s junior football program.

Not sure if it’s for your child?

That’s ok!

Our Auskick program accepts new players with absolutely no experience from Pre-Primary to Year 2. Have a read of our site to get an overview, and feel free to come along and try it for free for a couple of weeks to see how you go.

Kylie, our Auskick Co-Ordinator, is happy to chat to you for further information and to arrange a free trial.

Both boys and girls are welcome!

Parent Expectations

Unlike some sports, Auskick encourages parents to stay and participate during both training and games. A parent or guardian for children at Auskick age is required to be present at all times. We recognise parents are busy, work or have other commitments from time to time, and so may need to arrange alternative caregivers. Can you please inform your Team Manager, including mobile number should the usual care giver not be responsible for your child at either training or game time. On the very rare chance an injury occurs, we can then contact the responsible person immediately.

We also encourage parents to have a good time and meet new people also. The club has regular social events where you can meet other parents, both during games and training and at parent only socials during the year. We will keep you advised of these!