Training (2020 Season)

Auskick (Pre-Primary to Yr 2) train on ________________________________________.

The season is roughly 16 rounds long, there may be less with footy carnivals, public holidays etc. Also we may on occasion play away at other local clubs so the kids can get extra experience. The kids will get moved around each week within their own age group, and the teams mixed up, in order to better facilitate their skills.

Year 3s train on __________________________________________________________.

Year 4s train on __________________________________________________________.

Year 5s train on __________________________________________________________.

Year 6s train on __________________________________________________________.

Year 7s train on __________________________________________________________.

Year 8s train on __________________________________________________________.

Year 9s train on __________________________________________________________.

Year 10s train on _________________________________________________________.

Year 11s train on _________________________________________________________.

Year 12s train on _________________________________________________________.

Fixtures and Games


Auskick games are predominantly held at Prendwick Oval. Occassional away game details will be provided directly by Team Managers.

If it is cold, your child is allowed to wear a long sleeved top under their footy jumper if you wish, but they always quickly warm up.Training and games are rarely cancelled, unless there is really bad thunder and lightning - if you are unsure please check your e-mail or SMS for clarification.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you turn up for games 10 minutes early. The coaches need time to allocate people to teams, write a number on each child’s hand, give out the jumpers, and warm the kids up. If you are late it puts everyone under pressure.

If you turn up once the siren has started, your child will have to wait to join the game til the quarter time siren goes, as the coaches cannot be interrupted during a game to start working out where to put your child.

Often after training, and certainly after every game, the coaches will want to speak to the parents as well as the kids, usually for about 5 minutes. Please respect the coaches when they call the kids in after these times come up and listen to what they are saying.

Player Certificates will also be given out after each game (thanks Baskin and Robins, Willetton and Bakers Delight for supporting us!).

Junior and Youth Teams

Please ensure that you arrive 10 minutes early to warm up and prepare for training or games.

Game fixtures for Year 3 to Year 12 teams are provided at the SportsTG website.

Fixtures can also be viewed on the club’s very own free iPhone and Android app: see here for more information.

Please check game times and locations before each game, especially early in the season, when changes often occur.

Uniform Requirements


  • For training, kids can wear whatever they like but please no school uniforms.

  • All kids need to wear the full football uniform for every game; navy and gold striped socks and navy football shorts. We supply their playing jumpers, which need to be given back to your coach after the game. Football boots are not compulsory at this level but would be an advantage.

We have a limited supply of football second-hand boots available on an ‘honour system’- once you have finished with them please return. Please see myself or one of your coaches, who can direct you to the box in our supply shed that has these boots, if this is something you would like to do.

Our uniform shop will be open as we see the need for it, and by arrangement. We sell training shirts (not compulsory), shirts and jackets, socks, etc for both kids and adults, and all proceeds go back into the club. Armando’s Sports in O’ Connor also stock our football colours if you prefer to go there - we have a limited supply of 10% discount cards for them so  please see us if you would like one.

Mouthguards are not necessary at Auskick level as it is no contact, but pharmacies do sell them if you wish your child to have one.

Please remember to bring your child a water bottle each time they come to the club!

Junior and Youth Teams


Talking to Coaches & Raising Issues

If you have any issues regarding footy please speak to one of your coaches, your team manager, or one of the committee members.

Please do not approach the coaches while they are active on the field - wait until after training or a game has finished to speak to them.